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a gift, from me to you

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Note: this is NSFW

Reh Dogg - "True Love Never Dies"

...you can thank me later.

shouts to jam Donaldson at HGM for the {we got to do better} line....

ok, here it is in a nutshell: yes, we are (still) a Hot Ghetto Mess. But what are we gonna do about it?

campaign2008 & our reasons for our choices:: I've got real issues with people's anti-intellectual reasons for picking their candidate. And I'm putting myself on blast. Prior to me doing my election "homework", I was entertaining Clinton. I originally thought, given our current state of race relations, that Americans would turn out in droves to vote against Obama, hence not wanting to throw away my vote. Silly me. I've since read their platforms, watched the primaries (starting with NH and IA), watched the debates, and decided based on the issues, to support Obama.

Now, it's a long minute later - and I still hear my people saying ig'nant things like: "I don't want to vote for Obama 'cause they'll shoot him in office, and I don't want him to get killed", "I think he's related to Sadam Hussein", "I'm voting for Obama 'cause he's black", "I'm voting for Hilary because she's a woman", or "I'm voting for ______ because __________ endorsed them (insert pundit/so-called-leader's name there)". Ok, seriously - it's time for us to get off our collective a$$es, do some homework, and make our own decisions, for real. It's 2008 - we're well into the information age - the platforms, senatorial voting records and their stances are readily available. We need to stop being quite so sheep-like, so that all parties (Repub, Dem, Libertarian, Green, etc - and the pundits who love them), and the non-parties (random pundits who won't commit to a "party"), all take our votes more seriously.

aside:: I'm really tired of candidates being able to pander to the "urban voter" in general by either appealing to, or by manipulating, their emotions.

punditry beef:: Baisden v. Frank Ski? Tavis Smiley vs. Obama? We barely got pundits and access to airwaves, and they're already going at each other, or our "leaders", not over issues or opinions, but because they got "snubbed" or "shouted someone out" or forgot to "shout someone out". Are you friggin kidding me?

claycoboard219.jpgClayCo Board of Ed & Kwame Kilpatrick:: or when keeping it black goes wrong. If you haven't heard about Clayton County's Board of Education, the quick & dirty is that the entire school system is facing a potential loss of accreditation, due to corruption ethics violations, ineptitude, and policy violations. You can click here for more information. This means students and teachers, as well as administrators records would be "wiped clean". Students wouldn't be eligible for scholarships, and their acceptance into colleges would be in jeopardy. Staff would lose their certifications and employment history, of the timeframe of the board's tenure.

kwame_and_wife.jpgand Kwame?:: Well - the "hip-hop" mayor, amongst other things, is accused of: "allegations of marital infidelity involving his chief of staff, lawsuits, and an investigation of perjury. Kilpatrick could could be disbarred, sentenced up to 15 years in prison, and forced to resign as mayor. The controversies have prompted an ethics probe investigation, and a recall election campaign to have Kilpatrick removed from office." Excerpts of his text exchanges with his chief of staff are all over the 'Net, and his wife's leased Navigator is appearing as the Red Flag & last straw for his frustrated constituency. Read more here.

the talented tenth:: It's not enough, in 2008, that we should want black representation in all areas of life: media, politics, government - both local and national, industry, etc. We should want our leaders, the "talented tenth" of which DuBois so elegantly wrote, to be not only influential leaders throughout the world, but also beyond reproach. Or at least approaching moral excellence.

it's not enough that our leaders should be black. They should be qualified to lead, and possessing character traits that can inspire us as a people: honesty, integrity, fortitude

Too often, we're so desperate to see ourselves duly and dutifully represented, that we let shyt slide.

they do it, so why...?:: should we be held to a higher standard, you ask? Because the playing field has never been level, and will not be getting flat any time soon. Because the bar is higher for us. Because there is a black tax, and because we are all well aware of it. Because we are well aware that when we "do what they do", the scrutiny is much more intense. Because our two steps back takes not only us (as individuals) back, but also us (as a people). Because there is backlash. And because we deserve, like any other race, to prove our merit. To show we can be qualified, and can do a good job, and be considered based on merit. Not just because we're black. And because the exceptions (like the ClayCo commission or Kwame) shouldn't be the measure of those that are performing to or outperforming expectations. We're not shooting for mediocrity here - the goal isn't the best of the average. We should want to excel. All of us. We should want to do better.

Barack_and_Michelle_Obama_sepia_small.jpgback to campaign2008:: which is what I find so fascinating about the Obamas. So far, they are those people. "Grace under fire", "eloquence", "elegant', "of outstanding character", "grace under pressure" have become so clichéd, that they're more likely to appear in the title of a sitcom, than a description of a political candidate. But the Obamas are that. As i watch Michelle withstand attacks about her patriotism, which I'm sure is very personal to her, and Barack address charges of plagiarism, rumors about his religious beliefs, shallowness and the transparency of his platform - these phrases are the ones that come to mind.

Yeah, I'm gushing a lil, but not trying to sway your vote. Look at them as black people, as African-Americans, as leaders, as icons. That, my friend - is what I find inspiring. Columbia U., Princeton U. and Harvard Law. Community activists. {apparently} Happily married and raising their children, together. And supporting their people the best way they know how, by setting an example.

You can find your own examples, but please - find them. My people... {we got to do better}

state of the {black} union

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or what i'd like to term as why we can't just get along?

pre-post disclaimer: this has nothing whatsoever to do with "The Covenant with Black America" or the Tavis Smiley's impending State of the Black Union conference.

black_couple1.jpgThis does have a whole lot to do with the black union - marriage that is. Marriage, our communities and one of the things that I think is fatally flawed and working to our collective detriment.

We just don't seem to get along anymore. At all.

I spend a lot of time surfing. A LOT of time. I troll on a lot of "african-american" portals, skimming what's foremost in our minds and what hot topics are burning in our online communities. I also skim website outside our community, to see what we're presenting to the world. So what's hot in the streets you ask?:

Black women are the biggest hoes on earth times 3000000

Where are the NORMAL brotha's at???


why are you strong black women chasing strong black men to other races?


how do i get me a good white woman, like you other black brothers out there

Black men who went Barbie white now back to Quashanda or Barbie Black

*dryheaves* ok, sorry - but most of these 'forums' have that effect on me. I promise I didn't cherry pick those titles/topics.

More under the cut...


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I got a Tilt from AT&T a lil while ago. I love this lil phone.

First, let me say that while I'm a geek, I'm not a phone freak. Typically, I avoid the bleeding edge of tech, because it's expensive AND buggy (full of software bugs that are worked out later). My old phone, a Sony Ericsson W600i, served me well, but died a painful death from blunt force trauma (I dropped it one time too many).

But this fancy-shmancy phone is doing me right nice these days. My favorite features:
GPS with Live Search combo - lets me find & save my fave people & places to my contact list and get directions on the fly. Ok, so I'm late to the game - but I LOVE this feature.
Video with picture clarity - I get to watch American Idol and YouTube stupidity even when I'm stuck in the dentist's chair for 12+ hours.
Touchscreen - yah, it's iPhone-like navigation, without the iPhone-like price...for me that is, with the company discounts. The iPhone was not subject to company discounts - bastages!
Music & memory no iTunes, but Windows Media Player (booo....). However it serves its purpose, and I can add up to 32GB of memory (pricey, but avail). So I can store all the obscure neo-soul and R&B that my little heart can manage, and listen to it on my bluetooth headset. I'm no longer tethered to my (bastages!) PC at work that disallows MP3 players and won't allow me to update Windows Media. Yes! (still gotta work around some licensing issues....lol ;)

Yeah, it's also a PDA, with Window Mobile (Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.). It's also a Wi-Fi for my laptopwith broadband capabilities, travel ready (for international use), and it's got a so-so camera. And IM (Y!, MSN and AOL). Push_To-Talk. And a QWERTY keyboard, both on/off the touchscreen. And it's got cool graphics for cool games, blah, blah blah.....

All in all, it's just neat. Take that monolithic and pricey iStuff! I don't need you and your expensive phone :P
....except iTunes. Me needs that....lol.

an unhappy partnership

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hemplee_unhemplee.jpgI've been thinking about partnerships lately. About marriage, about work, about this country, our government and our responsibilities as individual American citizens. About how most relationships, business relationship or personal relationships, are all built on the foundations of a partnership.

By definition:

1: the state of being a partner : participation2 a: a legal relation existing between two or more persons contractually associated as joint principals in a business b: the persons joined together in a partnership3: a relationship resembling a legal partnership and usually involving close cooperation between parties having specified and joint rights and responsibilities

Nicely done. Given that, we get who's involved, and some idea that a) there should be some agreement (contract) between the partners and b) the roles of each partner should be defined as well as c) there should be some cooperation between said partners as well. Think that's all well and good, and the average person could agree on that and extend all that to most relationships...here's where I think it gets tricky....

Joint rights. Joint responsibilities.
Ugh - that means all partners must do something and be accountable for something, and are entitled to somethings, eh? Yah, methinks that's where the proverbial rubber hits the road.

In marriage:: I think generally people tend to forget about that last piece. A lot. I was talking with a friend about their recent divorce, and their "never again" attitude, and while I could understand it, I'm definitely a "never-say-never" kind of person. I have a few, er - friends (ex-dates, but let's not make this about me....lol) that have stated that whole "never-again" position. Typically, it's due to financial reasons. Understandable. Sometimes, it's due to a lack of a compelling reason. Hm.

As always, I have an ancedote: an extended late-night visit to the dentist (from 5:30PM to 5:00 AM. don't ask). But around 9PM-ish, the dentist's wife came in, put on some latex gloves, and played assistant, prepping rooms, checking to see if patients were comfortable, processing payments, making appointments and taking phone calls.

When I temporarily got the dentist outta my mouth, I had to tell her that I admired their partnership, how they worked together, the support, etc. She laughed, and we discussed it. She said "It wasn't always like this.....it's a second marriage for both of us....we're older now....our kids are grown....our reasons for getting married this time are definitely different than the first time, and our reasons for staying married are even slightly different than they were for getting married...." ....which I think is as it should be.

Marriage (and personal relationships between lovers) are at their core, a partnership. An agreement, with a contract - that can be modified as well as broken. But the terms of that partnership are completely up to the parties involved. It's their responsibility to define those terms, to define that contract and add/subtract whatever clauses are necessary.

In any partnership, even if one partner is ecstatic, and the other partner is miserable, the partnership alone isn't necessarily the compelling reason to remain. The MBA in me says as long as there's a valid ROI that's within expectations, the partnership's viable.The desire to retain the partnership, due to the other things derived from it (companionship, support, well-founded faith, financial reasons, lust, passion, spiritual reasons, agape love, or even desperation) as long as both partners are willing and agree, should be the reason to "stay in" and "work it out", whether it's a marriage, work relationship, or something else...

More under the cut....


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So here's my demonstration
A peep show
Tonight my body's an exhibition baby
Though it's on display don't be scared to
Touch It - It said so
So come and get it babe

Strum me like a guitar blow out my amplifier
When you hear some feedback keep going take it higher
Crank it up give it to me come on
Crank it up give it to me come on
I'm gonna feedback feedback oh
Feedback Feedback oh...

...I just love janet jackson. Ever since she was lil 'Penny and folks said we look alike - but that was a long time ago.

back on-topic: I had to turn up the spam filters for both trackbacks and comments. Sorry, but I ended up deleting 3000+ spam messages that had accumulated since I last posted. And I've still got another 60K+ junk messages just mucking up the place *kicks spam-dust-bunny*.

Bottom line is - I do trust *you*...just not that spam-bot that's looking over your shoulder as we speak. So, if for any reason your comments doesn't post like you think they should, and more than a few days have passed. OR, you just want to holla at lil ole me for any reason, you can email me by clicking this link, or use the links at the right. Email me, IM me, find me on technorati, blogrolling (lawd - I'mma need to handle my deli.ci.ous tags) - I don't care how you get here, just touch me in the mooorrr-ning.

LOL - enough with the lame karaoke R&B references. Holla!

keys to the city

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keys_to_the_city.jpg I'm back.

It's a very weird feeling too. Part of me wants to write furiously - since there's a lot going on in the world. Part of me is still constipated - words are clogged inside me. Part of me wants to find a direction, and part of me wants to wander until my voice is defined. The critical part of me still thinks the writing is sub-par. And part of me thinks that I have more inside me than a blog post...and that this time could be better spent.

And part of me knows that somewhere in my core, in my DNA, nerves, skin, sinew, bones, blood and with every breath I take, a writer will always live within. It's my curse, responsibility, desire and lifeblood to write. My gift. My breath. I can't squander it.

It's the "keys to the city". I feel like I've got it all in my hands, at my disposal. And it's just waiting for me to unlock.....

aside: the fact that this song is seriously running through my head is accentuating this: "New York City" by Young Buck.

*jingling keys* the first step: what I intend to do with this space. Under the jump.